Dave Depares is a TVC/Branded Content Director who specialises in making Food & Drink look sexy (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Amoy, Heinz, Fanta, Eat Natural). He has a great deal of experience directing Kids and reluctantly appears to be pretty good at it (The Sun, Amazon, Playbrush, Nestle, Petits Filous). He has also directed his fair share of mind blowing Experiential stunts (Sprite, Hotel Chocolat, Greenpeace, UPC Cablecom) which he says are “…simultaneously one of the most fun and worst filming experiences you can ever have as a director”, but the results speak for themselves. So that’s FOOD & DRINK, KIDS and EXPERIENTIAL: these are the 3 types of shoot that seem to take up most of Dave’s working life. He’s done other stuff too, but let’s stay focussed here. Click…

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