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I know what you’re thinking… Director and Editor? He can’t possibly be good at both, right? Now look at the photo above, how I’m gesturing confidently while on a shoot. Does that look like a director who doesn’t know what he’s doing? And would you believe it, I’m just as good an editor, if not better! I’ll give you a moment to gather together the pieces of your already-blown mind. 

Honestly, I just can’t decide which one I enjoy the most. I love being on location, pointing at stuff, working with people… but then I also love being in an edit, pointing at stuff and working with people. So what have I done that’s worth shouting about? Fair question. Join me on a quick tour of my Greatest Hits. 

Well, after I moved to London, I left my early life in post-production and became a cameraman for Hairy Bikers, filming around places like Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey and Romania. Then I had more motorbike-filming fun on Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor. Fun fact: I can’t ride a motorbike, but I’m pretty good at filming while sat on the back of one. In 2006 I directed one of the very first ever YouTube series called The State We’re In, driving across the USA with a musician, filming house party gigs, editing and uploading episodes to Youtube, gathering millions of followers as we travelled from New York to LA over 2 months. Back in the UK we kept it going, filming some amazing new artists like a 17 year old musician called Ed Sheeran, but not before we got sponsored by Orange to shoot an even bigger followup tour. 

I bounced between projects – editing a George Michael documentary at his house in Highgate, filming stuff around Africa, Europe, the States… editing TV shows one month, then making a bunch of music videos the next. I produced and directed promos for festivals like Glastonbury, edited a series with Hugh Laurie shot in New Orleans, and directed an intimate live concert with Prince’s favourite artist, Lianne La Havas

In the years that followed, I produced & directed over 50 projects – commercials and branded content for brands like British Airways, Sony, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Greenpeace, Nivea for Men, Elastoplast, L’Oreal. If you were to ask me what is the thing I’m most proud of, it’s probably the Award-Nominated short film I made about crowd-surfing called, The Pit. However, the most famous thing I ever directed was a bizarre, viral ad starring Tom Hiddleston for Centrum Vitamins. Piers Morgan absolutely hated it, and played the ad twice on his morning show to make his point, a fact that I wear as a badge of honour. To be fair, it is quite a weird commercial, but it sold a lot of vitamins.  

So yes, I’ve worked with my fair share of celebrities, kids, animals, athletes, chefs, actors, musicians and choreographers… and as you can probably tell, I enjoy the variety. Since my son was born, I’ve enjoyed longer editing contracts based in London, working on some great TV shows for BBC Studios, C4 and ITV. But, as always, I’m keen to get back out there, pointing at stuff, working with people, whether on location or in the edit.