Tom Hiddleston ‘Centrum’ Commercial (March 2019) (Director)

UCL ‘Moving Forward’ Commercial (December 2018) (Director)

Vodafone (November 2018) (Director)

Yoze ‘One Day in Shenzhen’ Commercial (October 2018) (Director)

The Glenlivet ‘Whisky Flavours’ (August 2018) (Director)

The Glenlivet ‘Espresso Martini’ (August 2018) (Director)

Gordon’s Gin ‘Keep the Party Going’ (August 2018) (Director)

British Airways ‘Valentine’s Day’ Commercial (Feb 2018) Ogilvy (Director)

Tesco – Christmas Campaign (Nov-Dec 2017) Klein & Sons / Cedar (Director)

Tesco – Halloween Campaign (Sep-Oct 2017) Klein & Sons / Cedar (Director)

The Sun 30″ TVC (Aug-Sep 2017) Pebble Films / Pulse (Director)

Playbrush 60″ TVC ‘Everyday Heroes’ (July – Aug 2017) Klein & Sons / Playbrush (Director)

Tesco – recipe films (May 2017) Klein & Sons / Cedar (Director)

Petits Filous ‘Mix Up the Magic’ (April 2017) General Mills / Trigger Buzz (Director) Christmas Films (Nov 2016) Spirit / Mission (Director)

Tesco Finest Wine Bar’ (Aug 16) Tesco (Director)

Eat Natural ‘PolleNation’ with Ben Fogle 10 x episodes (Jun-Jul 16) Vidoo (Director)

Greenpeace ‘Would you stop an Oil Spill’ (Apr-Jun 16) Greenpeace/Action Productions (Director)

Nestle ‘Milo Basketball Championship’ 30″ TVC (Apr 16)  Nestle/1185 Films (Director)

Storytime from Space (Dec 15 – Apr 16) Lost My Name (Director)

Nivea Men ‘Life Hacks’ – Series 2 (Apr-May 2015) Nivea/Stack (Director)

Meals in a Minute with Ching He Huang – Series 2 (Feb-Apr 2015) Amoy/Haygarth (Director)

Sony ‘The Wheel’ (Jan 2015) Sony/Haygarth (Director)

Sony Xperia ‘The Wheel ‘Making Of’ (Jan 2015) Sony/Haygarth (Director)

Sprite ‘B-Ball Fusion’ (Dec 2014) Coca Cola/Haygarth (Director)

Fanta ‘Help Ken Live Again’ (Oct 2014) Coca Cola/Haygarth (Director)

Nivea Men ‘Life Hacks’ (Aug 2014) Nivea/AKQA (Director)

Cosmos Selfie Stories ‘Tenerife’ (June 2014) Cosmos Holidays (Director)

Meals in a Minute with Ching He Huang – Series 1 (April 2014) Amoy/Haygarth (Director)

Balcony TV Series 1 (Mar 2014) London Live (Director)

New Day Finance Films (Feb 2014) New Day/VCCP (Director)

Maybelline ‘Get the Look’ with Mollie King (Jan 2014) Maybelline/Haygarth (Director)

Cosmos Sofa Stories ‘Lapland’ (Dec 2013) Cosmos Holidays (Director

Heinz for Baby (Nov 2013) Heinz/Haygarth/Toast (Director)

Hotel Chocolat ‘The Gift’ (Nov 2013) Hotel Chocolat (Director)

Sainsbury’s ‘Stir Up Sunday’ (Nov 2013) Sainsbury’s/Blue Rubicon (Director)

UPC ‘Switzerland’s Fastest Folk Band’ (Sept 2013) UPC/Profero (Director)

Cosmos Sofa Stories ‘Majorca’ (Sept 2013) Cosmos Holidays (Director)

Philips ‘Gadget Man’ (Aug 2013) Philips/Ogilvy (Director)

Jont ‘Lucky Leaf Falls’ Music Video (Aug 2013) (Director)

‘I Heart Music’ Pilot Episode (June 2013) (Director)

WaterAid Glastonbury ‘Pump up the Volume’ (May 2013) WaterAid (Director)

Elastoplast ‘Britain vs Weather’ (May 2013) Elastoplast/CMW (Director)

Vichy ‘On the Spot Hero’ (April 2013) Vichy/Haygarth/Toast (Director)

GroundForce ‘A Well for Africa’ April Fools’ (Mar 2013) WaterAid (Director)

Uswapia Commercial (Mar 2013) Uswapia (Director)

Nivea for Men ‘Work It Like a Pro’ (Feb 2012) Nivea/CMW (Director)

Nivea for Men ‘Bar Tricks’ (Dec 2012) Nivea/CMW (Director)

McCain ‘Chips Tonight’ (Oct 2012) McCain/CMW (Director)

‘The Original Social Network’ Documentary (Sept 2012) UPC (Director)

Florida Room ‘All Love Lost’ Music Video (March 2012) (Director)

Clement Marfo & the Frontline live at Red Bull Sessions (March 2012) Warner Bros (Director)

Smiler live at Red Bull Sessions (March 2012) Warner Bros (Director)

Lianne La Havas: Live at Servant Jazz Quarters (October 2011) Warner Bros (Director)

Us3 music video for “Lie, Cheat & Steal” feat. Akala & Oveous (Sept-Oct 2011) (Director)

High Voltage Music Festival 2011 Promo (July 2011) Mama Festivals (Director)

“The Pit” – A Film about Crowdsurfing (June-July 2011) Relentless (Director)

FHM behind-the-scenes photo shoot with Laura Whitmore (June 2011) FHM / Bauer Media (Director)

WaterAid Film for Glastonbury (May – June 2011) WaterAid (Director)

Nylo Music Video “Control” (February 2011) (Director)

Nylo Music Video “I Keep Fallin” feat. Giulia Elettra Gorietti (January 2011) (Director)

Relentless Energy Sessions Festival Promo (October 2010) Relentless (Director)

High Voltage Music Festival 2010 Promo (July – Oct 2010) Mama Festivals (Director)

2010 Water Aid Film for Glastonbury (April – May 2010) Water Aid (Director)

Jont: Live in London (Feb 2010) Unlit Records (Director)

Kym Brown Music Video “Almost Happy” (Dec 2009) (Director)

Band Camp (Aug – Oct 2009) Pilot Episode (Director)

Chef Off (Jun – Jul 2009) Lorraine Kelly Cookery Show Pilot for Channel 4 (Director)

Unlit Promo (Jan 2009) Monkey Kingdom (Director)

The Orange Unlit Tour Series 3: The Road We’re On (Jun – Dec 2008) Monkey Kingdom (Director)

Derek Meins Music Video (May – Jun 2008) 1965 / Sony Records (Director)

Unlit UK Tour Series 2: The House We’re In (Jan – May 2008) Unlit Records (Director)

Hairy Bikers Cookbook Come Home – Christmas Special (Oct – Dec 2007) BBC2 / Big Bear (Cameraman)

Sudan: The Pfizer Award (Oct 2007) Pfizer / Brook Lapping (Cameraman)

The Slits’ Music Video ‘Hated by Many’ (Apr 2007) Jungle Records (Director)

Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman (Nov 2006 – Jul 2007) BBC1 / Big Earth (Cameraman)

BBC Electric Proms (Oct 2006) BBC (Director)

Unlit USA Tour Series 1 (Aug 06 – Jan 2007) Whitehouse Pictures (Director)

Hairy Bikers Cookbook Series 1&2 (Jul 2005 – Feb 2006) BBC2 (Cameraman)